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New TF Products for 08 [Hasbro]

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New TF Products for 08 [Hasbro]

Post  Bad Wolf on Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:07 pm

- What's down in the Hasbro booth shows everything to finish out 2008.

- New Movie Toys (Allspark Power)

- The Allspark has the power to create Transformers and give them more power.

- There will be redecos and new molds

- Incinerator & Airspray shown on Hasbro Tour

- Landmine is a G.I. Joe-looking jeep for Sector 7 (Dune Buggy)

- Helicopter is a Voyager class and the others are deluxe.

- Desert Attack Brawl is a repaint

- Nightwatch Optimus Prime is a blue and grey repaint

- Robot Heroes continue with G1 an Beast Wars in 2008

- Prime is a Leader repaint

- Retailers like Robot Heroes

- 10-12 new movie toys by next spring

- Sneak Peek at Transformers Animated program

- Partnership between Hasbro and Cartoon Network

- Energon and Cybetron where on too early and didn't get new viewers. This is something they are looking to offer at a new approach to get them back into a good time slot for kids to see the show.

- Hasbro is working on major goals after CN, Eric Sebnehaluer is leading the TA staff.

- Agenda: What the new cartoon is about; Style; Tone of story; toys

- What is the new cartoon about for 2008:
- 3 part mini movie coning in January

- Production done in the United States

- New style and tone for animated series

- Reliable stories and characters

- New possibilities for toys

- Won't lose tradition but also stay current with the times

- Take new perspective to make simpler story

- Quote from press release "Set for Earth"

- Hasbro is not dumbing down the Transformers line but are focused more on humor and characters

- Tone of Story
- This series will be less robots in disguise with a story of them being more in the city setting.

- Episodic storys, but stays in overall season arc.

- Smaller cast on both sides with more character development

- Action driven with doses of humor

- Major focus on personalitiy and abilities

- Familiar and new characters

- Human super-villians and Decepticon villians

- The Transformers are more like superheroes with special powers

- Decepticons will be in the show

- Will be more of a threat and scary because they hide more

- Producer of CN said in the past the same guys always fight and they get nowhere, So Decepticons will be very tough and they will make a real impact

- Stories will be very plot driven

- Artistic style
- Highly styled and fluid animation

- More energetic and expressive

- Major focus on personality...animation is very smooth and will "blow your mind" - Eric Sebenhauer

- The transforming sequences will be different all the time. No "tazmainian devil."

- Autobots

- Optimus Prime has a helmet and visor that comes down

- There will be two different toys, one with the visor and helmet up and one down

- Earth mode Prime, he looks like classics prime. Will have a trailer this time. Goes away like in G1.

- Bumblebee is the younges and most energetic

- Bulkhead is the big green guy. He's strong - said to be like the Thing from Fantastic Four

- Prowl will be a kung-fu type character

- Ratchet - he's the medic - he is the most experienced vetran

- There are connections to the film... they want them to look like the movie for kids, but not exact

- Grimlock will be a T-Rex - Looks like classic character

- There will be two other Dinobots. "3 crazy dudes" - Eric

- Decepticons....

- Cybertronian Megatron looks dark and that he will change his form in the series

- Starscream looks like an X-Wing jet...swept forward wings...voice by Tom Kinney (Sponge Bob) and has 3 split personalities

- Lugnut is a new character which is sorta like the Incredible Hulk

- Very loyal to Megatron, has missles for hands. He's a jet in alternate mode

- Blackarachnia - looks like beast machines version.

- Has a diferent origin story... she starts as one character in the begin and then changes..."A villan you can car foe...."

- Human Characters...

- Cept Fanzone is a scientice type guy.

- Sari and Father Issice Sundac

- Sari has a new kind of interaction with Autobots.

- No annoying human side-kick telling TFs what to do

- Autobots are new to earth and they find her to help learn about the earth.

- Human Villians...

- There is a guys name The Archer... looks like robinhood.

- 2nd guy looks big like a gorilla. Some guys has wheels on feet. One looks like a "PinP"

- Spaceships - Ark spaceship...

- Looks like G1 version...sort of

- Nemesis ship is back too

- Dark purple with some kind of pointy things sticking out

- Its like 100x bigger than the ark

- Show setting

- The show is set in Detriot

- In the future

- They dont make cars anymore - now they make robots

- Sumdac tower - looks like upside down spark-plug

- The Toys...

- Animation style allow us to show more personality with each chracter

- Takara and Hasbro designed toys at the same time...they are going very fast on toys designs.

- 90% animation toys accuracy

- New Sculpting style

- No more gimmicks

- Transformation is the gimmick

- Signature weapons and poses

- Attitude and stance...

- Range of motion is great

- Showing the toys now...Prime looks a lot like toon

- He has an axe weapon

- Bumblebee looks like a mini-cooper

- Prowl is a motorcycle, gold and black

- Ratchet is a van

- Grimlock is a Voyager Class and looks less like the classic one

- Megatron looks like a vertical-takeoff space fighter with huge gun arm

- Blackarachnia looks very sexy and is very postable

- The Future...

- Working on season 2 of the animated series already

- Will be more familiar with new characters by season 2

- Possibility of a season 3 and 4

- Desire to create brand new characters. with cameos from G1 favorites

- Toys will have a mat/flat paint like Batman toys

- Cartoon now being previewed

- Very Teen Titans-type feel

- Take place in futue in 22nd century

- Autobots crash in Detroit and stumble on Allspark and are trying to protect it

- Toon produced in-house at CN

- They fight on Eath and Outer Space

- Megatron is evil looking

- Other Toys...

- Classics are back with Classics 2.0

- Sunstreaker and Sideswipe which look very slick but not as G1-ish

- "Continue realistic styling..."

- They are calling it part of Universe so they can do lots of stuff.

- Both look like Lamborginis

- Each figure has different modes

- Octane

- Triple Changer that turns into Jet and Large army Transport jey

- All are deluxe scale figures

- They are looking to so an Ultra scale toys too

- there will be 2 segments for fall 08

- First toon then Universe line (was classics)

- They want to have TFs for everybody

- Looking in to do licensing program for Universe. Add more real cars and stuff

- Q&A starts

- Universe has plans for Combiners

- They didnt do toon of movie becuase the animated series was being devloped before Movie

- Grimclok will be a voyager

- DVDs for Transformers Animated will be done at some time

- Toon toys will start in March - deluxe, voyager and movie pack

- Universie line does not have firm plans for mini-cons but maybe happen later

- They are wainting to see what Robot Heroes will do before deciding on making large scale toys....

- They want to use Beast Wars characters but nothing planned yet

- A new Ultra Magnus is coming that is NOT a repaint of Prime

- Alternators and Titanim lines will not continue due to time and expense of parts for them and not selling like they wanted

- We will likely get a jazz in Universe/Arcee is a good possibilty to

- Trailers for Prime are too expensive to make. The Animated Voyager Prime will have a tailer that becomes his giant axe weapon.

- If characters are in Toon they will not be used in Classics/Universe line

- There will be a combiner in Classics/Universe

- The proto Titaniums shown on tour will not be made becuase no molds have been made.

- Not plans for seekers in Toon, but its being talked about

- Prowl is being considered for Classics along with Ironhide, Silverstreak and Smokescreen

- Prowl will be in both the Animated line and Classics

- David Kaye is doing Optimus Primes voice

- Susan Blue (voice of Arcee) is producing the voice part of the show.

- Weird Al Yankovic is doing a voice


- No Thundercraker

- One reason they can't do all the seekers is becuase they have to offer a variety of toys and they don't usually have enough toy space to offer them all

- They spend a lot of time on naming characters. Its difficult with trademarks and such. They try to reuse ones they already own

- The molds for the G1 Dinobots are lost so they prob won't reissue them at this time

- Classics Sunstreak and Sideswipe will have different heads

- May see some common vehicles like steam rollers, garbage trucks, etc. in the Animated Series

- There may be some Marvel/Transformers crossovers. They are working on them at a corporate level right now.

- Hasbro is very happy people are not so upset about the movie toys

- Toon Grimlock will have familiar kind of voice

- They want to expand Classics to do more than just G1 and G2 figures

- There are plans in the next year or so to do a combo of playsets and bases

- Brawl in the movie was named Devastaor by mistake. "due to a continuity issues...."

- The Animated Series will have a character named Lockdown who is alot like Boba Fett from Star Wars

- They are looking to do a Classic Galvatron That is not a redco of Megatron

- Possible Ultra Scale Classics

- Panel ends

Bad Wolf

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Re: New TF Products for 08 [Hasbro]

Post  Bad Wolf on Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:08 pm

Alternators and Titanim lines will not continue due to time and expense of parts for them and not selling like they wanted

it is my understanding that "Alternator" line is changing into the "Movie Ultimate" line that is going to feature a scale size 2008 Camero (Bumblebee) and so forth and so on ...

Bad Wolf

Age : 40
Number of posts : 1712
Location : The Evil Empire

Reputation : 6
Usage Points : 784
Registration date : 2006-12-24

Title: The Digital Alchemist
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