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Sigils are Symbols

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Sigils are Symbols Empty Sigils are Symbols

Post  Bad Wolf on Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:31 pm

magari @ occult.be wrote:To follow up a bit.

Sigils are Symbols.

If you dont understand the power of symbols I suggest looking up Esoteric Agenda, or checking it out on my library.

The gist is that symbols and memes spread messages throughout humanity that allows everyone to understand no matter what race/culture/language you are limited to. A good example is the peace sign.

Humanity currently is a very confused race. The number of symbols that surround us now have been multiplied. Sigil magick is a way to create your own symbol that means what you want it to. Think of McDonalds or Coke'a'Cola and ask yourself what happens to your thoughts, emotions, entire self when you see those symbols. The power in those symbols is due to how deep in the subconscious they have rooted themselves.

In order to create something on your own that has a comparable or greater affect, you must root the symbol as deep into your subconscious as possible. There are many ways to do this and I believe Peter Caroll called it a state of Gnosis. Its a state of consciousness where your entire being is consumed by a single thought. If you can create or visualize your sigil in that moment, then you have essentially planted a seed into your subconscious.

Nurture it and it will grow.

Some links to get people started.

Sigil magick was invented by Austin Osman Spare and we actually have very little published by the guy. This is one of his texts regarding sigil magick and while its extremely hard to read at times it serves as a never ending source of inspiration for me.


More links...



Sigils are Symbols Bw-ani_bar
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