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Race to Witch Mountain

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Race to Witch Mountain

Post  Bad Wolf on Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:02 pm

good idea ?
It stars The Rock ...

since i've seen the originals "Escape" and "Return" to Witch Mountain
so .. i dunno

~ thoughts ~

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Re: Race to Witch Mountain

Post  The Master on Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:56 pm

From what I'm hearing, its gonna be your typical Rock after leaving wrestling movie, it'll have its moments and its lines, but it'll be mostly forgettable in the end, its not that Rock doesn't do well in movies, its just the movies he tends to pick as roles, tend to kind of make me wonder who's picking things for him, because 90% of them aren't exactly great. The movie itself seems very rushed, Disney is hurting really bad for a hit, and i mean really bad, after how bad the last Narnia movie failed (they lost so much money they gave up the rights to the series and won't make the third movie) and how Bolt proves that even Pixar, their in house golden parachutte, can fail sometimes, they are really in need of a hit movie, and they can't wait till Up! comes out later this year, they are banking way to much on this movie, and i think in the end its gonna fail because of it.

ironically, on a disney note, Pixar's "Up!" shares the same name with a Roger Corman sleeze classic that really has nothing to do with an old man in a flying house.


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