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IDW Spotlight: Hotrod

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IDW Spotlight: Hotrod

Post  Bad Wolf on Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:08 pm

Written By: Simon Furman.
Art By: Nick Roche.
Colours By: Liam Shalloo.
Cover Art By: Nick Roche and James Raiz.
Letters By: Robbie Robbins.
Edits By: Dan Taylor.
On the planet Ki-Aleta Hot Rod takes his first command of a unit on a mission to steal/save the Magnificence an Oracle that could give the Decepticons the ability to find all exploitable resources in the Universe. The mission starts well, but soon the team comes under attack from Omega Guardians, and as per his secret orders Hot Rod leaves them to die as he escapes with the Magnificence, which he hides. Though the mission's failure is blamed on a unsecured communication channel and faulty equipment, Hot Rod blames himself and subsequently becomes a reclusive lone operator.
Some time later, Hot Rod seeks redemption by infiltrating the brutal Decepticon penal colony 'Styx' and rescues Dealer, the last surviving member of the unit. Once restored to health at an Autobot base, Dealer forgives Hot Rod despite the brutal torture he suffered and offers the young cavalier a hand of friendship.
But Dealer was a double agent who was responsible for the mission's failure. Using Hot Rod's guilt he plans to find where the Magnificence is hidden...
Characters Featured:
Hot Rod, Dealer, Gizmo [Killed], Backbeat [Killed], Download [Killed], Gutcruncher, Banzaitron.
Not bad. Some of the art work made me take a step back. Kinda reminds me of the old UK marvel TF sotries or the later Us versions, where the 'bots had over exaggerated faces and expressions.
as with all things TF - im sure the surprise ending will tie into future story arcs
if nothing else - it was a nice read
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Re: IDW Spotlight: Hotrod

Post  Nightfire on Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:56 pm

I think the Spotlight series as one of the best ideas since The War Within series.What a Face You get several goodies in each issue, such as the solo adventure; a interesting story; and what I think is the most important, a psychological character perspective that helps you understand the character better.red grin I'm looking to when they do Galvatron!Twisted Evil I personally think they should do a Spotlight issue on Dirge for Holloween!cyclops But that's just me.
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Spirit Evolution

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