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[Your] Book Shelf

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[Your] Book Shelf Empty [Your] Book Shelf

Post  Bad Wolf on Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:19 am

a run down of nem's book shelf:

Top Shelf
The Iliad
The Odyssey
The Aeneid
Plutarch * Fall of the Roman RePublic
Suetonius * The Twelve Caesars
How to undiscover your past lives
Dictonary of Classical Mythology
The Immense Majesty, a history of Rome and the Roman Empire
Dictonary of Celtic Mythology
Life after God
Star Wars: Splinters in the Minds Eye
Cliff Notes on Mythology
Shakespeare's Hamlet
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Shakespeare's Macbeth
Cliff Notes on Roman Classics

Shelf 2: Middle
Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice: The Vampire Lestat
Anne Rice: Queen of the Damned
Anne Rice: Memnoch the Devil
Anne Rice: The Vampire Armond
Anne Rice: Pandora
Vampires, by Konstantinos
The Arthurian Quest, by Wolfe
The 21 Lesseson of Merlin, a study in druid magic, by Monroe
Magical Alphabet
Alester Crowley: Magick without Tears
Alester Crowley: The Holy Books of Thelema
Egyptian Myth and Legend
The Complete book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic
Modern Magic, by Kraig
The Kepper of Words, by Ferguson
The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom, a Celtic Shamans source book
Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion - 3rd edt.
Websters Instant Word Guide
The Book of Mormon
The Necronomicon, The book of Dead Names, edited by George Hay
The Eternal Struggle, A Players Guide to the Jyhad
The Book of Nod
Laws of the Night
Vampyre Almanac, 1998-1999 edt.

Middle Shelf3:
American Indian Warrior Cheifs
The Smithsonian Chronical of North American Indians
The Comic Book Collector (PC software)
The Death and Life of Superman, by Stern
A course indroductory into Logic
Fast Food, Fast Talk
A Woman's Delima: Mercy Otis Warren
The Bean Trees
Manners for Men
Iron and Silk
Texas Government
The Production of Reality
Walden Two
America: Past and Present
The St. Martins Handbook
The Forgotten Americans
After the Fact: the Art of Historical Detection
Liberty Under Law - 2nd edt.
The American Tradition in Literature
A World of Ideas
Deutsch * Naklar

Bottom Shelf:
students guide, Chemestry: the central science
Chemestry: the central science
Collage Algebra
Understanding Human Communication
Study Guide to: The American People
The American People
Understanding Human Sexuality
America's Government and Politics today
Mass Communication, in the Informattion Age
The Creative Impulse, An Introduction into the Arts
Politics in America
Logic and Philosophy, a Modern Introduction
-my JR yearbooks (6th & 7th)
-my HS yearbooks (all 4 yrs)

[Your] Book Shelf Bw-ani_bar
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