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Twin Flame

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Twin Flame Empty Twin Flame

Post  Bad Wolf on Mon Dec 25, 2006 1:03 am

Twin flames, or split aparts, are considered the ultimate soulmates. Supposedly
two halves of the same spirit, split apart at the beginning of time, they learn
and grow separately through many lifetimes. At certain times throughout
eternity, they come together to experience a lifetime together. Some intuitives
believe you only meet your twin flame again when you are evolved enough to
recognize him or her. But there can also be a big catch: your twin flame could
reincarnate as your mother, your sister, or a close friend. There are no
guarantees that he or she will come equipped with the "right body" to be your
true love this lifetime. So if you plan on waiting for your "other half," you
could be waiting a long time.
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