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Auras Empty Auras

Post  Bad Wolf on Mon Dec 25, 2006 12:52 am

well i beleive all beings posses one....a living body of energy that surounds us..empowers us..etc...
these auras can determine a persons personality...basicly the general traits that compose u

if i concentrate i can see them.....

got a good link for a site that actual developed a test that would predict what colors would dominate a persons....

****if u answer the questions truthfuly..it WILL work

heres mine
followed by indigo

thats pretty close
last time i looked at mine...twas them colors alright...nexted followed by Lavender, violet, Red, Nurturing Tan, Mental Tan, Loving Tan, Yellow, Green, Crystal, then finaly Blue


for some strange reason....a buddy of mine back in HS always advised others from lookiing directly at my aura....

i could never figure out why :thinking


due to the chaotic nature that i hold all living things to
it is my beleif that every one has a multi colored aura
that yes one or 2 colors are pre dominate...make up ur personality..but since we are forever changing...muliti emotional....
our aura's would change to fit our moods and personalitys
we are not mono colored/emotional beings
Bad Wolf
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