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Post  Leige Maximo on Sun Jan 28, 2007 3:44 pm

Welcome to 1313 Studios

[ Rules ]
~ Read before posting ~

1. Thou shalt not steal another's bandwidth. If Someone makes something for you, save it to your computer and then host it on your own place, be it myspace or photobucket.

2. Thou shalt give credit where credit is due. If Someone makes you a graphic, illustration, template or theme, you will give credit to said person by linking back to their respective links.

3. Thou shalt refrain from contacting administration. These artworks are being made for free, please, unless it is something that has been commissioned (paid for) , because that is just inexcusable.

4. Thou shalt not post demoralizing or snyde remarks about another's artwork or creations. If you don't like, say why and be constructive about it. Feedback is a privilege do not abuse it.

End transmission!
*transmission terminated*

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